Age 27
Height 5'7
Bday October 29
Gender NB
Likes Saffron buns, archery, reading, and sketching
Dislikes Emo boys, attachment, Ecco the Dolphin

After losing their memory, Kip leaves their hometown in search of a way to become their own person and not the person they had used to be.

Age 23
Height 5'4
Bday August 12
Gender Girly pop
Likes Magic, tarot cards, illusion magic
Dislikes Reading, studying

Born from a drop of sunlight hitting the earth, Mana has prophetic visions she can't control. Otherwise cheerful and ditzy, a vision of a dark future visits her and she becomes captivated trying to avoid that fate.

Age 29?
Height 5'6
Bday July 18
Gender She/They
Likes Pastries, summertime, coffee
Dislikes Cauliflower